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NBAA is led by a Board of Directors, a team of experienced senior executives and the continuing guidance provided by a network of Councils, Standing Committees and Strategic Focus Teams. The links below detail the work of these individuals and groups on behalf of the Association and the business aviation community.

Board of Directors

NBAA Board of Directors

The NBAA Board of Directors is responsible for managing the affairs of the Association. It is a body of experienced, talented and committed aviation professionals who work to guide and assist the staff in serving NBAA Members and the business aviation community. Learn more.

Senior Executives

NBAA Senior Executives

NBAA's senior executives provide leadership for the Association's lines of business: Communications; Conventions & Membership; Government Affairs; and Operations & Administration. Learn more.

Associate Member Advisory Council (AMAC)

Associate Member Advisory Council

The Associate Member Advisory Council (AMAC) is a representative group of NBAA's Associate Members, established as a standing committee in 1973. AMAC's purpose is to advise the Board of Directors on Associate Member interests, government representation, industry programs, communication efforts and educational initiatives. Learn more.

Leadership Council

Leadership Council

The Leadership Council is a committed group of NBAA members dedicated to enhancing the public's understanding of business aviation through the No Plane No Gain advocacy campaign. Learn more.

Standing Committees

NBAA Standing Committees

Made up of committed, talented and knowledgeable volunteers, NBAA's Standing Committees work together on behalf of NBAA Members to promote business aviation access, operational excellence, professional development, safety and technical standards, and security. Learn more.

Strategic Focus Teams

NBAA Strategic Focus Teams

NBAA's Strategic Focus Teams boost the efficiency and impact of NBAA’s Standing Committees while preserving clear communication with the Board of Directors. Learn more.