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Nominations Due June 25 for NBAA's Kern Professionalism Award

Nominations Due June 25 for NBAA's Kern Professionalism Award

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Flight Department Administration

NBAA Offers PDP Course on Practical Risk Management
June 12, 2018

Taking place July 26-27 at NBAA's Washington, DC headquarters, this Professional Development Program course is designed for students to use the theory of individual human performance to develop methods to achieve practical risk awareness, risk identification and risk management. The course includes a review of numerous applicable FAA FARs needed to understand the relationship of maintenance to operations and technicians to flight crew, and is taught through presentations, videos and extensive class participation for the exchange of ideas and experiences. Learn more.

Aircraft Operations

NBAA ATS Offers Tips for Flying in Areas of Volcanic Activity
June 12, 2018

Are you up to speed on flying in areas of volcanic activity? With several volcanoes currently active, including Kilauea in Hawaii and Fuego in Guatemala, now is a good time to brush up on your knowledge. “If you’re operating in an area with known volcanic activity, even if you plan your flight for a wide berth around volcanic ash, review company procedures and aircraft manufacturer recommendations regarding volcanic ash so you’re prepared for an unexpected encounter,” said John Kosak, program manager of weather for NBAA Air Traffic Services. Learn more.

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