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NBAA Updates Personal Use of Business Aviation Handbook

Publication provides tax implications for non-business flights.

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Flight Department Administration

NBAA Safety Committee Cultivates Safety Leadership
July 25, 2016

With more than 60 members and a reputation for leadership in promoting safe operations, the NBAA Safety Committee plans to step up its efforts to identify individuals who will serve on the front-line in supporting safety in the years to come. “Our values for the Safety Committee, and the ones that we promote in future safety leaders, are values such as professionalism, leadership, engagement," said committee Vice Chairman David Ryan. "These individuals need to be innovative, they need to be progressive thinkers and we always need to try to stay ahead in developing tools for these people to succeed." Listen to the NBAA flight Plan podcast for more information.

Aircraft Operations

FAA Plans to Eliminate 308 VORs
July 27, 2016

FAA has taken the next step in creating a minimum operational network of ground-based very high frequency, omnidirectional radio range (VOR) navaids, finalizing a policy that includes identifying more than 300 VORs that will be decommissioned as part of industry’s transition to satellite-based instrument approach procedures. “We support the FAA’s effort to eliminate legacy procedures that no longer add value to operators,” said Bob Lamond, NBAA’s director of air traffic services and infrastructure. Learn more.

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