Travel$ense Release 3.91 Update

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Issued: September 22, 2012

Release 3.91 Update Features

  • This update addresses changes to the airline reservation system used by Travel$ense, which prevented Travel$ense from retrieving fare information for comparable airline flights.
  • This update includes all changes from the Travel$ense updates 3.01 to 3.90, including changes to the airline reservation system used by Travel$ense.

Who Should Install the Release 3.91 Update?

All Travel$ense 3 users should install the Release 3.91 to ensure access to Travel$ense reports.

Travel$ense users who get the error "Error Code 429: ActiveX component can't create object" or "Error Code 50003: Unexpected error" when launching Travel$ense, or "Error Code 91" when clicking on the "Comparable Airline Trip" tab, should download and install the Full System File Update to obtain proper DLL and system files to correct these issues. After running the Full System File Update, the Release 3.91 update can be used.

The Travel$ense Release 3.91 update will not work with demo or Release 1.x or 2.x versions of Travel$ense. Users with Release 1.x or 2.x versions of Travel$ense must purchase an upgrade to Release 3 to continue to use Travel$ense to obtain airline flight and fare data automatically.

For more information, e-mail [email protected].

Download Instructions

  1. Click on "Download Travel$ense 3.91 Update " below.
  2. Choose the "Save As" option (rather than "Open" or "View"), then select the directory in which to save update.exe. Please note the location.
  3. After saving update.exe, close Travel$ense (if open). Then run update.exe by double clicking on the update.exe icon or by choosing Run, update.exe.

Download Travel$ense 3.91 Update (File Size: 1.6 MB)