Travel$ense Technical Support

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Travel$ense User's Guide

The Travel$ense User's Guide not only provides detailed information about the software, but 214-page manual also outlines methodologies for determining the value of employee time and provides guidance for estimating employee productivity while traveling.

Download the Travel$ense User's Guide (PDF, 1.39 MB)

Travel$ense Connection Checklist

If you are having difficulty retrieving airline flight and fare data, review this checklist.

Travel$ense on Windows Vista

Travel$ense users who install on the program Windows Vista may need to perform the following procedure one time after installation in order use the program. Note: Travel$ense will not run under Windows Vista 64-bit and Windows 7.

Release 3.91 Update

Issued September 22, 2012 – This update addresses changes to the airline reservation system used by Travel$ense, which prevented Travel$ense from retrieving fare information for comparable airline flights.

Full System File Update

January 20, 2005 – This system file update addresses DLL and system file errors that occurred for some users who updated Travel$ense from some older versions of Travel$ense 3. Use this update only if you have problems after updating to Release 3.90.

Travel$ense Trip Import Specification

Travel$ense is able to import passegner and trip information for analysis. This trip import specification outlines for flight department software developers the data formats used by Travel$ense.

Download the Travel$ense Trip Import Specification (PDF, 19 KB)