Travel$ense Demo Edition

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This is a limited function demonstration version of Travel$ense, NBAA’s business travel productivity tracking software.

Features & Limitations

This Travel$ense Demo Edition will:

  • Enable you to get a feel for the program, and its features, depth and operation.
  • Allow you to review, alter and print reports for any of the trips stored in the provided database. You also can modify any of the parameters used to create a trip, such as aircraft settings, passenger information or other default settings.
  • Permit you to create new trips, in part by manually entering comparable airline flights. Though new trips cannot be saved, reports for new trips can be printed.

The Travel$ense Demo Edition will not:

  • Allow you to save new trips or save changes to trips stored in its database.
  • Export Travel$ense reports in in HTML, RTF and PDF formats.
  • Automatically obtain real-time, online airline information. The full Travel$ense program typically obtains 10 to 15 comparable airline trips for each leg of a corporate trip, ranks them, and "posts" the "winner" – all automatically.