Region III: South America

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  • Region III (SAM) Lead: Pablo Penalva, J.W.Childs Associates LP


Business Aviation Emergence Continues Across Latin America
August 26, 2013
The Latin American region continues to experience an economic shift away from traditionally dominant markets and toward previously underdeveloped areas such as Argentina and Venezuela – that was the clear takeaway from a business aviation event recently held in São Paulo, Brazil. To business aviation market research firm AMSTAT, the business jet fleet grew 6 percent in 2012, driven by increases throughout all fleet types, and in locations beyond Brazil. Read more about the growth of business aviation in Latin America.
At LABACE, Bolen Will Highlight Business Aviation Benefits Worldwide
August 13, 2012
NBAA President and CEO Ed Bolen will be a featured speaker during the opening general session of the Latin American Business Aviation Conference & Exhibition (LABACE2012), which will run from Aug. 15 to 17 in Sao Paulo, Brazil. As with his previous appearances at the event's opening session, Bolen is expected to highlight the value of business aviation to citizens, companies and communities in all parts of the world, and discuss how the industry's benefits can be fully realized in the Latin American region. Bolen's LABACE appearance comes as some analysts are forecasting continued growth for the industry in the Latin American region. Read more about Bolen's appearance at LABACE2012.
Venezuela Overflight Fees Irk South American-Bound Operators
August 8, 2012
If your travels require entering Venezuelan airspace, one NBAA Member suggests you ensure your navigation fees account is in good standing with officials in Caracas. If not, you may be denied overflight privileges. ”I encourage crews to communicate with their international service provider (ISP),“ suggested Pablo Peňalva, Region III (South America) lead for NBAA’s International Operations Committee. In addition to being an international captain, Peňalva operates a handling company, ARSOT Flight Support, which assists business aviation operators in South America. Peňalva said business aircraft operators have been frustrated recently by Venezuelan officials who demand large payments for what they insist are overdue navigation fees. Read more about overflight fees in Venezuela.
Top Five Things to Know Before Flying to South America
July 27, 2012
Pablo Peñalva, NBAA’s International Operations Committee lead for Region III, which covers all of South America, offers members five tips for flying to the continent. He suggests Members check visa requirements, get a briefing on possible volcanic activity and make sure they know what to do if they are in need of repairs, before flying to South America. Read more about what to know before you fly.
Chile - Puyehue-Cordon Caulle Volcanic Chain Eruption
June 8, 2011
On Saturday, June 4, 2011, a volcano from the Puyehue-Cordon Caulle volcanic chain began to erupt. This chain is located about 575 miles south of the capital, Santiago. Winds fanned the ash toward the east therefore most of the airspace within central Argentina (from the Andes chain to the Atlantic Ocean) has been severely affected due to the ash clouds, which is understood to have reached an altitude of 12000 meters. There have been known airport closures and flight cancellations in Argentina and Buenos Aires. For more information, view the report by NBAA/IOC SAM Regional Lead, Pablo Peñalva.
Health Concerns in Argentina & Other Areas of South America
April 29, 2009
Operators traveling to area of South America, particularly Argentina, will need to be aware of some recent health concerns in the region.  These concerns center around outbreaks of Dengue Fever and Yellow Fever in several areas. More information
Chile - Chaitén Volcano
April 29, 2009
The Chaitén Volcano, situated in southern Chile, is currently considered to be active and should be monitored by operators flying into that region. The airport closest to the volcano is Chaitén (SCTN). NBAA/IOC SAM Regional Lead, Pablo Peñalva, has provided a report that can be viewed here.