Tools Used for Traffic Flow Management

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Special Traffic Management Program (STMP)

A STMP is a long range strategic initiative that is implemented when a location requires special handling to accommodate above normal traffic demand at events such as the Master’s Golf tournament or the NBAA Convention.

STMPs are implemented to balance capacity with demand. This becomes especially important when the demand is unknown prior to the event. Currently, the FAA does not store flight plans in the NAS computer more than two hours in advance. STMP reservations provide long range planning capability for the event.

The STMP NOTAM will specify whether it is for IFR and/or VFR aircraft and if it pertains to arrivals, departures, or both. If a reservation is not obtained, the pilot will not be able to file into or out of the STMP Airport.

A preliminary Slot Reservation Number will be assigned upon completion of a reservation either on-line at or on the touchtone phone system at 1-800-875-9755. Between 24 and 12 hours prior to the arrival/departure reservation time, the pilot is required to confirm the reservation and will receive a confirmation number. If the reservation is not confirmed at least 12 hours prior to the arrival/ departure reservation time, it will be canceled and automatically made available in the reservation pool. If the reservation is made within 24 hours of the reservation received, it will automatically be confirmed with a confirmation number.

The Reservation Number MUST be put in the “remarks” section of the flight plan when it is filed. If not, the AFSS should not accept the flight plan.

STMP reservations are distributed on a “first come, first served” basis. There may be occasions when additional slots will be available. Utilizing the online STMP web page or the touchtone phone system, pilots will be able to check to see if any cancellations or additional slots have been released. The STMP NOTAM may also contain a contact number to check on additional slots when applicable. Otherwise, the web page or touchtone line are the means to check status.

The reason for the issuance of a STMP is the anticipation that demand will surpass capacity at an airport. Therefore, for very popular STMPs, such as the Denver Ski STMPs, reservations are taken very quickly as thousands of customers are attempting to obtain a very limited number of slots. Be aware that reservations are available 72 hours in advance, exactly to the minute. On the top of the hour and 15, 30, and 45 minutes after the hour, pilots can expect a very heavy demand of calls or online queries for reservations. Once those few slots are gone for the 15 minute range, which happens very quickly, new reservations will not be available until released at the next quarter hour.

For more information about current and upcoming STMPs, review NBAA's Special Air Traffic Programs web page.

For more information about Ski Country STMP procedures, review NBAA's Ski Country Traffic Issues web page.