Allen & Company Sun Valley Conference

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July 8-13, 2014 – Sun Valley, ID

Updated July 3, 2014

Significant air traffic volume is expected at Friedman Memorial Airport (SUN) in Hailey, ID for the 2014 Allen & Company Sun Valley Conference to be held July 8 to 13, 2014 in Sun Valley, ID.

Due to expected parking constraints, it is highly recommended that operators contact Atlantic Aviation at SUN as early as possible to provide their arrival/departure plans.

Atlantic Aviation – SUN
Tel: 208-788-9511

There will be no FAA E-STMP air traffic reservation program for this event. Operators can expect the possibility of traffic management initiatives such as ground delay programs, miles in trail and ground stops if needed as well as structured routes in/out of SUN during the conference.

Download the FAA System Impact Report (SIR) for the conference (PDF)

Detailed letters to pilots has been prepared by Friedman Memorial Airport management, Atlantic Aviation FBO and the SUN Air Traffic Control Tower.  These letters include the following details:

  • parking arrangements
  • expected peak traffic dates and times
  • airport noise abatement procedures
  • FBO parking and ground handling procedures during the conference
  • ATC arrival and departure procedures

Download the SUN letters to pilots (PDF)

FAA NOTAM reference Friedman Memorial Airport (SUN)


Significantly higher than normal arrival and departure demand is anticipated between July 2 and July 13 at the Freidman Memorial Airport (KSUN), located in Hailey, Idaho.

Due to single runway operations and limited ATC radar coverage below 13,000 feet, periodic arrival and departure delays may be experienced.  Peak arrival demand is anticipated on July 2-3 and July 7-8, with arrival delays of up to 60 minutes possible on July 7-8 between 1600-2300z.  To avoid possible delays, arrival aircraft on July 7-8 are encouraged to consider arriving SUN prior to or after the above noted times.  Although IFR conditions are rare during this time frame, if they occur, substantial arrival delays with a possibility of diversions should be anticipated.

Peak departure demand is expected to occur on July 12-13 with delays of up to 30-60 minutes possible.

In order to mitigate delays for SUN arrivals/departures during the above noted dates, Salt Lake City ARTCC Traffic Management Unit (801-320-2565) may implement Ground Delay Programs or other Traffic Management Initiatives as warranted.