U.S. Open Golf Tournament 2014

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Updated May 30, 2014

The 2014 U.S. Open Golf Tournament will be held at Pinehurst Country Club, in Southern Pines, NC between June 12-15.

There will be no FAA E-STMP air traffic reservation program for this event. Operators can expect the possibility of traffic management initiatives such as ground delay programs, miles in trail and ground stops if needed.

Local area airports include the following :

  • Moore County Airport (SOP)
  • Raleigh Exec Jetport at Sanford-Lee County Airport (TTA)
  • Richmond County Airport (RCZ)
  • Laurinburg-Maxton Airport (MEB)
  • Fayetteville Regional Airport (FAY)

The FAA has issued a Special Air Traffic Procedures NOTAM which includes preferred arrival/departure routes as well as other pertinent information regarding air traffic management during this event.

Review the FAA's U.S. Open Golf Tournament Special Air Traffic Procedures NOTAM.

A temporary tower will be established at Moore County Airport (SOP) and will be operational daily between 0730-2030 local. The established frequencies for SOP are as follows:

  • SOP Air Traffic Control Tower – 120.075
  • SOP Ground Control – 118.350
  • SOP Clearance Delivery – 119.25
  • SOP Ramp Control – 123.050

Moore County Airport (SOP) Departure Procedures

  • ALL DEPARTING AIRCRAFT contact Ground Control on frequency 118.350. Advise if IFR or VFR
  • DO NOT CALL GROUND CONTROL FOR TAXI CLEARANCE until you are the number one aircraft that can enter a taxiway from the ramp or parking area.
  • DO NOT TAXI until you have received your IFR clearance/VFR instructions.
  • DO NOT CALL THE TOWER FOR DEPARTURE until you are the number one aircraft holding short for the runway.
  • VFR DEPARTURES proceed to the Sandhills VORTAC and remain at or below 4,500 MSL.