Aeromedical Benefit

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NBAA has partnered with Aviation Medicine Advisory Service (AMAS), formerly Virtual Flight Surgeons, to offer Members an exclusive 10% discount on the Complete Aeromedical Services Program (CASP). CASP offers a comprehensive approach, providing unlimited services for an annual per pilot fee. Program services include:

  • E-mail and telephone consultation with an Aviation Medicine Advisory Service physician
  • FAA waiver advocacy and case preparation
  • FAA follow-up reporting and renewal submission
  • 40% discount for pre-existing disqualifying medical conditions
  • Corporate flight physiology and medical procedures/programs review
  • Quarterly electronic aeromedical newsletter

Additional services are offered on a fee-for-use basis.

Aviation Medicine Advisory Service serves a wide range of clients from the individual pilot to corporate flight departments to aviation associations, and provides a full-time team of board certified aerospace medicine physicians with a wealth of commercial and military aviation medicine experience. Aviation Medicine Advisory Service does not perform physical exams nor act as aviation medical examiners (AMEs), which allows the physicians to provide confidential service. Services are delivered through electronic means to provide global assistance to the aviation community. CASP is your one source for aeromedical advice and FAA medical certification assistance, saving you time and money – and protecting your career.

Member Companies can take advantage of this service on a three-year contract for an annual per-pilot fee, using code SAVE10 to enjoy the 10% NBAA Member savings (subject to Member verification).

For additional information or to get started, visit, e-mail [email protected] or call 1-866-AERO-MED.