NBAA Access Committee

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The Access Committee focuses on NBAA Member access to the National Airspace System (NAS), to the national system of U.S. airports and to political processes at the local level that affect business aviation.

Destination Statement

  • To advocate for business aviation’s access to airports and airspace
  • To educate NBAA Members on the equipage and training necessary to optimize the use of business aircraft in the NAS
  • To engage local communities’ business and political leadership on the local and regional benefits of business aviation, as well as the economic value of business aviation and their regional airports


  • Gabrial Andino, Teterboro Airport - AvPORTS (Chairman)
  • Bruce Carmichael, National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) (Vice Chairman)
  • Jeff Gilley, NBAA (Staff Liaison)
  • John Kosak, NBAA (Staff Liaison)
  • Robert G. Lamond, Jr., NBAA (Staff Liaison)

NBAA Members may also review the full committee roster.

Information & Resources

Airports Handbook Newly updated in 2013, this long-time NBAA publication makes a compelling case for the importance of airports and their economic and social contributions to surrounding communities and the nation. It was written specifically for the “non-aviator” and is an ideal resource for NBAA Members to give to elected officials, civic organizations, the news media and others who would benefit from the up-to-date, persuasive information on such topics as economic impact, noise, safety and environmental considerations.

Airport Advocate Guide Created in 2013 as a companion to the Airports Handbook, NBAA’s Airport Advocate Guide provides step-by-step guidance for those who wish to advocate for their local general aviation airport. The booklet contains a wealth of information about how to organize and build community support for your airport, how to work with the news media, and how to find or even calculate the economic value of the airport to your region.

Airports in Focus – These web-based reports provide snapshots of key airports for business aviation. Local airport planning and development, rules and regulations, and even potential or existing access issues represent topics reviewable by NBAA. 

NBAA Air Traffic Services (ATS) – NBAA ATS, formerly the NBAA GA Desk, is an NBAA Member service that places NBAA employees at the FAA Air Traffic Control System Command Center. NBAA ATS was created to relay real-time information to subscribers on the constantly changing conditions in the NAS. This information includes weather reroutes and traffic management programs, such as ground stops, ground delays and miles-in-trail restrictions.

Airspace Alerts Email Subscriber List – NBAA's Airspace Alerts email list provides a single source for distributing information about upcoming temporary flight restrictions and other airspace issues considered to have a significant impact on NBAA Member flight operations.

Regional Business Aviation Groups Directory – Regional business aviation organizations facilitate both regional and nationwide communication among business aviation professionals. This web-based directory provides information on many regional groups, including scheduler and dispatcher groups.

Regional Business Aviation Groups Library – Among their many benefits, regional business aviation groups offer events and programs that foster communication with local communities about the importance of airports and of business aviation. This online library contains documents and sample templates to help guide your regional group in creating its own career fair, safety day, scholarship program or other event.