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NBAA Update: Business Aviation's Most Informative E-newsletter

NBAA Update is business aviation’s “go-to” e-newsletter every week. Readers are the decision makers in flight departments and corner offices – the owners and operators of business aircraft ranging from jets and helicopters to turboprops and piston aircraft. Your premium leaderboard, skyscraper or banner ad positions can reach companies of all sizes that need products and services to enable their business aviation operations.

Advertising in NBAA Update will ensure you have maximum visibility for your message before your targeted industry audience. When you advertise with NBAA Update, you reach more than 26,000 professionals involved in all aspects of business aviation, including::

  • Company owners, presidents and CEOs
  • Chief pilots and pilots
  • Maintenance managers and technicians
  • Schedulers and dispatchers
  • Flight attendants and technicians
  • Safety officers, aviation attorneys and many others

Published every Monday, NBAA Update’s editorial provides a synopsis of the latest operational, regulatory and legislative news for the business aviation community, as well as information about NBAA activities, Member benefits and upcoming industry events. Special “show daily” editions are published during the week of NBAA’s Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition. Call us today to reserve your spot in 2014.

Download the 2014 NBAA Update rate card, or direct questions to [email protected].

Mechanical Specifications

To view past issues of NBAA Update, visit company can choose from the following types of banner ads:

  • Leaderboard: Premium 728x90-pixel ad appears at the very top of each issue.
  • Skyscraper: 240x400-pixel display ad appears adjacent to the top news stories.
  • Vertical Banner: Two 240x200-pixel positions appear adjacent to the news, immediately following the skyscraper. (These can be combined into a second 240x400 skyscraper position, if desired.)
  • Horizontal Banner: 468x60-pixel ads appear between issue sections, with top positions priced higher than lower positions (four per issue).
  • Sponsor Message: Features your company logo and brief text message in place of any of the 468x60 banner positions.

File requirements: Banner ads must be GIF of JPG format with 20K maximum file size. NBAA Update is unable to accept rich media ads (using Flash, Java, etc.) and discourages the use of animated GIFs, which do not display properly in all e-mail clients.

2014 Advertising Rates

The 2014 NBAA Update rates are per month (four or five issues).

Ad Size/Position 1x 3x 6x 12x
Leaderboard $5,000 $4,750 $4,510 $4,285
Skyscraper $3,220 $3,060 $2,905 $2,760
Vertical Banner 1 $2,880 $2,735 $2,595 $2,465
Vertical Banner 2 $2,505 $2,380 $2,260 $2,150
Horizontal Banner 1 $2,145 $2,040 $1,935 $1,840
Sponsor Banner 1 $1,970 $1,870 $1,775 $1,690
Horizontal/Sponsor Banner 2 $1,790 $1,700 $1,615 $1,535


Publication Schedule and Deadlines

NBAA Update is published every Monday, including holidays. Insertion orders must be received by the 25th of the month prior to publication. Artwork and clicktag must be received by the Wednesday prior to initial publication. Failure to submit artwork in a timely manner may result in loss of space.

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